These Tracts were created and produced by Every Tract is a 2-Page PDF file that you can print out, double-sided on one sheet of paper. After you print it out double-sided on one sheet of paper, you can then fold it in a way to where you then have 6 pages with Page 1 being on the front and Page 6 being on the very back.

Different printers will work different ways, but the way I do it is that I do a test print the first time to make sure I am lining it up properly. I print Page 1 of the PDF file first, then I put the paper back in the printer and print Page 2 of the PDF file on the other side of the same paper. Once I'm sure I understand how to put the paper back in, I print multiple copies of Page 1 on one side of a bunch of pieces of paper, then I put all those back in to print Page 2 on the other side.

If you can't figure it out, contact us and maybe we can help explain it to you. If you don't have a printer, you can also contact us and we might (not always) be able to send you some Tracts in the mail.

  • The Good News of Yahushua - This tract is what you share with people when you want to witness to them regarding the Good News. I recommend you carry a few with you wherever you go.
  • Idols, Carved Images, & Putting Up Trees - This tract is what you share with people, or mail to their homes, when you notice they are putting up idols in their yard, putting up a tree inside, or Christmas lights, or other related things. It is good to want to honor our Saviour, but it is also good to not mix pagan customs in with our worship. We want to be those who are worshipping in Spirit and in Truth - not falsehood.