About These Studies

The below Studies are separated into various categories to make finding what you're looking for easier. Some of these Studies are more like Notes or Summaries of Views or Helpful Information. They're not all necessarily Formal, Well-Written, In-Depth, Comprehensive Studies. We just use plain, everyday English and keep things simple.

Our studies are not here for the purpose of trying to convince you to view things our way or prove that we are right. Of course, every believer hopes that how they are walking out our faith is correct, and if any of us thought we were not walking correctly, then why would we continue walking that way?

The purposes of the documents here are to provide our study notes, summaries of our views, encouragement, helpful information, and provide a place where we can refer people to for certain subjects when we are asked questions. This page and section of the site is called Studies, but really it's more like a bunch of different kinds of documents and writings. Sometimes we share something on this part of the site because people often ask our view and we want to be able to quickly refer them to a link that explains our view on a specific subject. Sometimes we share something here because it is a subject that we feel is important for others to understand correctly. Sometimes we share a study because it helps others in their studies to consider other things they hadn't thought of before. Sometimes we share a study to encourage others. Sometimes we share a study or document to warn others or set matters straight on something we think is problematic or can lead others astray. Sometimes we share a study in hopes that, if our view is incorrect, someone will point out to us some Scriptures to help us understand a subject more correctly from the Scriptures so that we don't accidentally teach someone incorrectly if we have been ignorantly doing so in some way.

So with all that being said, make sure that you study out what the Scriptures teach for yourself like the Bereans in Acts 17:10-11. You need to have your own personal relationship with יהוה (Yahweh) and יהושע (Yahushua). You can't just read one of our studies and run with it. You need to open the Scriptures for yourself and read the whole thing. If what we're sharing is correct, do it. If what we're sharing is not exactly correct and we need to improve in some way, contact us and let's chat about it. If what we're saying encourages you and helps you in your walk or helps you understand something in the Scriptures better, great! Glad to have helped to edify you!

That's really the goal: Edify one another. Because Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up (1 Corinthians 8:1). So let's edify one another. We will not all agree on every single detail in the Scriptures, but our goal is to love Yahweh and love one another. If we can make sure we don't lose sight of that goal, we can study the Scriptures together and learn from one another in shalom. We hope you are edified and blessed!

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