Song Book

Praise יהוה!!!! Let's all praise יהוה together and make a joyful noise! I hope you are blessed by the song book which you can download in PDF format using the below link. The song book contains a variety of songs and melodies יהוה helped the Music Team to develop. All songs in our Song Book available for download online and the related MP3s on this site are all original content from this ministry,

You'll notice when you open the PDF file, you can quickly navigate between songs by clicking the song titles. Clicking a song title takes you to the song in the song book, and clicking the song title at the top of the words for that song will take you back to the Table of Contents.

We do not believe in selling music that is praise to יהוה, so the recordings here are provided for free, but we do not have the money at this time to offer hard copy CDs. You will have to download the MP3's and make your own CDs for now.

May יהוה bless you in all of this! Any songs that we have recorded will be available for download below. Enjoy, be blessed, and feel free to contact us if you need guitar lessons for any of these songs. We can video conference with each other if needed.

Download The Song Book!
PDF Format | DOCX (MS Word) Format
TIP: For songs that have a recording available, you can LEFT CLICK song titles to play the song, or RIGHT CLICK song titles and click "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" to save the mp3 to your computer!

Offline/Other Song Book

We also have an "Offline/Other" Song Book that consists of songs we did not create (although we did add some original content in a few of these songs - but we did not write all of it). We do not put this "Offline/Other" Song Book on the website, but we do provide a list of the names of these other songs we know how to play so that people joining in the Live Online Gatherings can pick songs from the list. If you want to learn how to play any of the below songs, please contact us.

If you are using the below list to select a song you want to hear during one of the Live Online Gatherings, please put the letter "O" before your song number so that we understand you want to hear a song from the "Offline/Other" Song Book instead.

  1. It’s The Sabbath Day
  2. Shabbat Shalom (Classic)
  3. Shabbat Shalom
  4. There Is No Better Day
  5. We Delight In Your Shabbat!
  6. This Is The Day
  7. 10,000 Reasons
  8. A New Song
  9. Air I Breathe
  10. Are You
  11. Arise And Sing
  12. As The Deer Panteth
  13. As The Mountains
  14. At Your Name
  15. Baruch HaBa
  16. Behold How Good
  17. Bless יהוה
  18. Blessed Be The Name
  19. Blessed Be Your Name!
  20. Call On The Name of יהוה
  21. Cast Your Cares Upon Him
  22. Come Bless יהוה
  23. Come, Let Us Go Up!
  24. Create In Me A Clean Heart
  25. Face To Face
  26. Father I Adore You
  27. For His Name’s Sake
  28. Give Thanks
  29. Give Us Clean Hands
  30. Great Is יהוה
  31. HalleluYAH!
  32. HalleluYAH! I Want To Sing All About It!
  33. HalleluYAH! We Worship You יהוה
  34. He Is My Defense
  35. He Is My Refuge, & My Fortress
  36. He Shall Reign!
  37. Help
  38. His Love Endures Forever!
  39. His Name Is Wonderful
  40. How Great Are You YAH!
  41. How Great Thou Art!
  42. How I Praise You
  43. Humble Yourself
  44. I Am Determined
  45. I Cannot Tell
  46. I Lift My Hands As An Evening Sacrifice
  47. I Want To Worship You
  48. I Was Made To Praise You
  49. I Will Enter In His Gates
  50. I’ve Got Joy!
  51. It Is Good
  52. Keep the Love and Joy
  53. L’Saper! (To Declare!)
  54. Learning To Lean
  55. Little By Little
  56. Love One Another
  57. Magnify יהוה With Me
  58. Make A Joyful Noise
  59. Mercy Is Falling
  60. Mighty To Save!
  61. More Love, More Power
  62. My Lighthouse
  63. One Thing Remains
  64. Our El
  65. Poor Wayfaring Stranger
  66. Purest River
  67. Qadosh
  68. Rejoice In יהוה Always
  69. Roni! Roni! Bat Tziyon!
  70. Seek Ye First
  71. Set-Apart Vessel
  72. Shout To The North
  73. Shout With Gladness
  74. Sing HalleluYAH
  75. Soon And Very Soon
  76. Spring Up O’ Well!
  77. Step By Step
  78. The Battle Belongs To יהוה!
  79. The Law of יהוה
  80. The Name of יהוה Is To Be Praised!
  81. The Redeemed of יהוה
  82. The Song of Mosheh And The Song of The Lamb
  83. The Trees of The Field
  84. This Book of The Law
  85. This Is My Commandment
  86. To Guide Us Free
  87. Unto Thee יהוה
  88. We Are One In The Ruach
  89. When The Spirit
  90. Wherever I am
  91. Wonderful, Merciful, Savior
  92. YAH I Lift Your Name On High!
  93. YAH Is So Good
  94. יהוה
  95. יהוה Liveth
  96. You Are My All In All
  97. You’re My Rock