Prayers For Prisoners

It is important to pray for everyone, but prisoners don't have access to text, phone, email etc. so this is my way of helping them get their prayer requests heard by other brothers and sisters in the faith. I know that these prisoners I write pray for me a lot, probably some of them daily, and I greatly appreciate that and want to keep them more often in my prayers as well. Please keep them in your prayers.

If you feel so led to write any of these brothers, those who I feel comfortable posting their address and have given me permission are posted below. Please consider writing them and praying for them. You can write them through regular postal mail or through an online prison contact system. The prisoners, however, need an address to write you back because the communication sent online is printed out for them and they have no computer access. Contact us if you want information about the online prison contact system.

Prisoner Information Prayer Requests
Lawrence Wayne Atkins #00853599
Bill Clements Unit
9601 Spur 591
Amarillo, TX 79107
In 12/2015 Larry threw up some black stuff and they rushed him to a hospital where they found 3 spots on his liver that they determined were cancer and that he has cirrhosis of the liver. He was told he has 6 months to live in 12/2015. Before this, he already had hepatitis. Larry is one of the first persons I began ministering to in prison back in 2010 and this is very sad. I am not sure where he is in his walk or if he's made a firm decision to repent and be immersed. Pray that Larry would make a firm decision to repent and be immersed in the Name of יהושע because it's not clear to me still where he is in his walk and I am concerned for his salvation. Pray also for his healing, but especially for his salvation.
Jack Washman After finding out Jack was denied parole near the end of 2014, Jack wrote the following to me in a letter: My prayer and the prayer I would ask of you to pray for me is that He would give me vision and direction for this next year here and to guide me and teach me to be a better servant. Jack also asks for prayers that the brothers there in the Huntsville Unit be "echad". I think he is wanting a prayer of unity for the brothers in there.

Ted (released but still needs prayer) Ted is suffering from COPD and Sciatica Nerve pain. He needs prayers for complete healing and strength. His goal is to complete more schooling after his release and then be a counsellor to help people with various addictions and problems. He said if he can help one person avoid making the same mistakes it would all be worth it.

Ted also wrote in another recent letter discussing his schooling and computer courses, etc.: Pray for me Okay? For knowledge, wisdom, and understanding; not just for computers either, but for getting out of prison, making wise choices, and going back to school. What I should major in. I have absolutely no desire for the things of my past life. Ted also wrote: Pray Yahweh fortify me from the attacks of the enemies, our enemies: the world, the flesh, and the devil.
Bill (William) B. Brother Bill wrote requesting prayer for multiple things including: 1) His wife Crystal's back pain & strength to not go back on her prescription narcotics, 2) For his daughter Tina getting out of Federal Prison in 05/2016 to keep off drugs and continue her rehab program, 3) For his daughter Stacey and her family that they will come to know the Father and develop a relationship with יהושע, 4) That he make parole and be released.

New Prayer request: Brother Bill requested prayer for his son William who told him that he is "agnostic" or "atheist". Pray for Bill's sons William & Aaron to come to faith in יהוה and יהושע.

Also pray for his daughter Stacey and her mother to reconcile their differences & come together again.
Brent C. Brent requests prayers for making parole to get released.
Raymond S. Raymond requests prayers for his mother to visit him this year and have safe travels on her way to visit him.

Raymond also wants financial assistance from family (or someone) so he can buy things from the prison commissary. Let's pray for that also.

Raymond also requests prayers to be at peace with others.

Raymond also requests prayers for his mother to write him, move closer, to get a vehicle, and to be healed of cancer. He also asked for prayer that his children be restored into his life and have a relationship with them.

Raymond has a praise report that his mother's cancer is in remission but requests prayer for her safety when she comes to visit him. When she tried to visit around what the world calls thanksgiving she was mugged and beat up. Pray for her to have safe travels.
Pablo U. Pablo requests prayer for his mother. Her name is Maria R. L. U. (last name removed for privacy). She has had a pain in her neck for some time now. Sometimes the pain is so unbearable that it confines her and she is unable to get out of bed. Pablo is concerned that the pain is more serious than she makes it out to be. She is a widow of 68 years old and will not go to a doctor either.

Pablo also requests prayer for the ability to go to Seminary. I'm not sure what I think about this myself but he seems to think it is something he should do. I'm just posting his prayer request as he requested. He believes the capability of doing this while in prison may be a door the Father has opened up. He wants prayer to get accepted into the Bible College.

Pablo also requests prayer for his daughter Anna U. to find a way to keep up with her car payments and favor to get into community college. Pablo also says to pray for someone named Craig A. who is Jewish through his mother; Craig needs prayer to have a spark occur and seek Elohiym wholeheartedly and personalize His word in his life. Pablo's mother Maria U. is still suffering pain in her leg, stomach, and one side of her face & needs prayer for healing.

Pablo has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Pray for his healing and improved health. Also, Pablo is struggling being in prison without a wife and asked prayers that he would live a set-apart, pure life before יהוה and His Son, and that Elohiym will bless him with a wife.

Pray for Pablo's mother who had a stroke to be healed and also for his mother to move in with Pablo's sister because the home she is in seems like it is possibly getting dangerous for her to stay in. Pablo lost his father a few years ago so this is very stressful on him and the family.

Update on 2017-08-04 from Pablo. His mother is doing better. His biological brothers Juan and Gabriel need prayer to be drawn to the Father and out of Alcoholism, Drugs, or anything else they are in. His daughter still needs prayers after a sexual assault she experienced.
Christopher J. Christopher's mother is homeless and his sister has some bad disease she needs healing from.
Scott L. Scott requests prayers for his daughter to marry the right man and that she would submit to his authority in helping her to make sure she marries the right person that Scott believes the heavenly Father desires her to marry.

Scott also shared that he will be moving to various units and getting a college degree while in prison and asked that we keep him in our prayers.

Scott also wrote and asked for prayer for his mother who has stage 2 breast cancer to have 100% healing and be cancer free. Also pray for his brother Daniel to believe, repent, and be immersed in the Name of יהושע.
Scott R. Scott's father passed and it has been really hard on him. He asked for prayers for his safety and peace of mind.
Michael O. Michael wrote and said, ... this is a medical unit Cancer and all kinds of ailments and deaths. Sooo. Please keep us in prayer. Michael got to share the truth about the Names and keeping the Torah with his neighbor in prison who is 71 and has skin cancer named Guadalupe. Pray for Michael to be successful in sharing the good news, for those receiving it to be able to get baptized, for all of them in there who have cancers or other ailments to be healed, and for their unit to get a volunteer in our faith for Sabbath services.
Ray R. Ray requests to keep him in our prayers about his parole so that he can make parole and go home to teach his family about יהוה and יהושע.
Stephen Craig Kimberlin #01345531
Alfred Hughes Unit
Rt. 2 Box 4400
Gatesville, TX 76597
Stephen writes asking for prayer for his mother Nan to be strengthened in her faith and for his little brother B. J., to find יהושע and make the right life decisions so he doesn't end up back in prison.

Important Update: Stephen wrote again later saying: Please pray for my little brother B.J.. He is in Jail again. He has only been out of Prison two years. Pray for my mother, Nan, as she deals with all this. Thank you.

Stephen also wrote saying that he is now teaching twice a month for Sabbath services in the prison unit he's in and asks for prayers. So let's pray יהוה grant Stephen favor in the eyes of the Chaplain, continue to let him guide/lead/teach during Sabbath services, and that יהוה guide Stephen how to conduct services and/or teach others if that is יהוה's will.

Stephen also wrote asking for prayer for his daughter and mother's relationship to be healed.
Ronnie Pray that יהוה be with the surgeons hands in his upcoming hernia surgery.
Jerry S. Jerry request prayers for his brother who has stage 4 prostate cancer and says that his brother needs salvation also. He asks prayers also for his mother who, since his brother has had cancer, has had 2 heart attacks herself and needs prayer. He didn't say if she needed prayers for her salvation or not, but I would pray for that also. He asks for her prayers of strength, peace, and comfort as well. He also asks for prayers to make parole.

In another letter, Jerry asked for prayer because he says he is being released soon and asked for prayer that he would find a home assembly and that יהוה would bless the work of his hands and all he touches.

Jerry also asks for prayers for his sister who is now HIV positive, his other sisters' husband who has stage 4 cancer, and his mother dealing with the death of her boyfriend and the fact that Jerry is not being released when he and his mother was under the impression he would be by now.
Robert D. Robert has super high blood pressure and also wants prayer for his parole.
Robert M. Pray that he would hear from his children and for his mother who has health issues.
Jeremy K. Jeremy asks for prayers for his mother who has a torn Rotator Cuff and a hurt neck. He also asks for prayers that he make parole and be able to get into a treatment program. He also requests for him and his walk. I think he is basically meaning his spiritual walk and growth and relationship in the Father. He just said me and my walk though. Jeremy also wrote in another letter, If you will pray that I stay focused on the straight path.

Jeremy also asks for prayers for his family to come to the truth and prayers for himself in general. I think prayers for him, as for any of these prisoners, could be for them to be encouraged from the Father, not feel alone, and to stand firm in the faith even amidst an environment in prison that sometimes is filled with vulgarity and/or violence. They need encouragement and endurance and patience to stand firm till the end, and the leading of יהוה's Set-Apart Spirit. They also need prayers that once they are released to not go back to their old ways because many of them may have a lot of struggles just finding a place to live and getting on their feet which can make the spiritual battles even harder when you're struggling to just have your basic needs met.

In another recent prayer request, Jeremy again asked that we pray for his family and now also for Jeremy to have patience and meekness and to walk in humility.

Jeremy wrote again and asked again for prayers for his family and for his sister who he says struggles with addiction.

Jeremy wrote again and asked for prayers for his mother who has diabetes and has been in the hospital for a few weeks and can't walk due to problems with her feet.

Jeremy needs prayers to stay on the straight & narrow path that leads to life and not get distracted by anything of the enemy.
Martha Reece #195861
PO Box 337
Pewee Valley, KY 40056
Martha wrote, Please pray for me I am struggling money wise,alot has been going on at home so I have not been getting much help,I am in need of things,it is hard in here.

Martha also wrote later on that she wants prayers for her mother to quit smoking and be healed because her mother has C.O.P.D. and also for her mother's salvation, to believe, repent, and be immersed in the Name of יהושע.

Martha also wrote again to keep someone she knows named Shane Overbee in prayers that he would seek out Father יהוה and His Son יהושע and believe, repent, and be immersed in the Name of יהושע if he hasn't yet done this. I don't know enough about Shane to say more. She just asked we keep him in prayers, and I'm wording here what I think she is wanting us to pray about for him. She also asked for prayers for her Uncle Robert's family because her Uncle Robert died in 2015 and they need prayers through the grieving process and for healing. Also, she requested prayers for step-dad Richard who smokes and has blockage (I think in his arteries?) and stints in his leg for blood clots, and has already suffered a heart attack and stroke. Pray for his healing, that he would quit smoking also, and for his salvation (to believe, repent and be immersed in the Name of יהושע).

Martha also wrote requesting a Strong's Concordance and other books to help in search of the Scriptures. There are rules for how to get books mailed to prisons so please contact us or the prison unit before having any books sent.

Martha also wrote and she wants prayer for getting off of some psychiatric medications. She does NOT want to be on these medicines anymore but going off of them can be a very hard and slow process when someone has taken them for a long time. Please pray for her complete ability to get off these medicines that she doesn't want to take and not suffer any negative affects from going off of them either.

Martha also wrote and asked for prayer for her family because she hasn't heard from them in a long while. Pray they keep in contact with her better and for their health.

Martha also wrote and asked for prayer that she stay in the word more.

Martha also wrote in 08/2017 and said, I still havent heard from my family so please keep them in your prayers. Pray that they will get back in contact with me, also pray for other beleivers to get in contact with me. It is hard being in here with no one else. I am the only beleiver out here where I am now. I ask that you pray for my mother and her health. Her lungs are bad and I know that this heat is hard on her.
Tiffany S. Tiffany asked for prayer for her future because she needs a solid place to live at when she is released.

Update: Tiffany has been released.
Lori F. Lori asked for prayer to make parole.
Timothy Lee II Choate (released but still needs prayer) Tim wrote as follows: If you would please just pray for my endurance. I need strength to keep running this race. Knowing I have others lifting me up in prayer is really helpful. Thank you and I thank the Father for you.

Tim also wrote in another letter: Please pray for my family to find jobs and be established in their new city. Thank you!
Enrique O. Enrique requests prayers for יהוה's will to prevail in the decision for making parole to get released.
Richie A. Richie requests prayers for his brother Justin in California - for his salvation - to believe repent and be immersed in the Name of יהושע.
Benjamin C. Benjamin is going to attempt to win a case for a beard. Texas prison grooming policies currently force all believers who are men to be clean shaven. Please pray for his success and others' success in winning any beard cases in Texas prisons.

Prayer for brother Benjamin Capps in prison (as of 9/3/2017): Pray that Benjamin Capps would have the strength and joy needed and not depression. Pray that he would be reunited with his family and not only tell them the truth but show them in a visible tangible manner to live amongst them and help lead them towards the truth. He has one daughter named Chloe. He wants to be reunited with her and be the father she needs. Pray for that restoration process and healing to happen. She is almost 14 years old and this is a very vulnerable age.
Mack (released but still needs prayer) Mack requests prayer for a favorable parole result. He also need prayer to stay faithful after he is released amidst all the temptations. He feels like he will be alone and broke and is concerned how he will deal with temptations in the world. Pray for him to remain strong, faithful, and protected by the Father against anything of the enemy and that He would stand firm till the end and not succumb to anything of the enemy, but triumph and have victory. Mack also request prayers for his parents who are still in the traditional church.

Mack also wrote the following prayer request in one of his letters: I need prayer for healing in my body. Doc says my kidneys are going bad. Keep me in prayer and I will wait on a miracle to happen. I still believe the Father provides healing and restoration. I just have to remain obedient and keep the faith.
Augustino M. Augustino writes as follows regarding a unit he just transferred out of: So please pray for that community because the following week I found that there was division. So he is asking prayer for the unit he transferred out of to not have division anymore amongst believers in our faith.

He also wrote, We also need prayer for this unit. We need volunteers. The volunteers we have now only come once a month, thus we only meet 1 hour the other weeks. In prison, the believers are limited on the time they can gather on the Sabbath. If someone from the outside volunteers to come into the prison, then the prisoners can have a longer more fulfilling gathering since a volunteer from the outside decreases the responsibility of the prison to supervise inmates. Volunteers for prison units to minister to believers is needed for many units though, not just the one Augustino is in. Please pray for his unit and for all of the units for volunteers in our faith to come forward as well.

Update from Augustine: More prayers requested again for volunteers. Also, pray for the volunteers that were coming, the brother that was visiting as a volunteer has come down with an illness and his wife suffered injuries from a serious fall as well.

Augustino also wrote: Pray that my case will be turn over, for I am innocent of the charges. Pray for other inmates who are also innocent.
Chris A. Chris' prayer request is for his mom (Virginia) & Dad (Kurt) to have good health and to have their needs taken care of. Chris also asks for prayers that Elohiym would lead him on how to guide the congregation in the way Elohiym wants because Chris has been assigned as the congregational leader/teacher in that prison unit. Pray that Yahweh give him wisdom, guidance, direction, and understanding on how to feed and protect the flock.

Update: Chris' father Kurt is in the hospital sick & his mother Virginia needs help through this time.

Update: Chris' father Kurt is out of the hospital. His kidneys had failed because of a medication he was on, and the doctors changed it and now they are working again. Chris believes his Dad is getting Alzheimer's. Doctor's have said he is in the early stage. Chris' mother is having to do a lot more work and it's putting more on her. Chris also says he has an appeal pending and wants another opportunity in the free world (I'm paraphrasing what he said). Chris also wrote, "My prayer request is Yahweh give me wisdom, and understanding to lead the congregation. Yahweh give me favor in court."

Chris also wrote and asked for prayers for his father Kurt's shoulder to heal quickly (his left shoulder was replaced) and for his mother Virginia to have good health, be strong, and be able to care for his Dad. Chris also asked for prayers that he keep his own eyes on יהוה, to grow closer to יהוה, to know Him, to have the love of יהוה inside of him, to have favor in court, and that יהוה would open the doors for Chris to go home.

Chris wrote again asking for prayers for his Dad and Mom in their late 60's who own a sign shop that more work would come in and said that it's hard for them to do things like they use to. He also asked for prayer for his oldest boy who is in the Army for his protection.
Mario M. Mario wrote as follows: Well brother before I go I do have a couple of prayer request for my brother Denis and my mom Maritza. My brothers seems that he is falling back into the tradition of men and thinks that is O.K. to eat pork and my mom well I would like for her to really give herself to יהוה to see everything that He has done for her and all of us. Thank you for your prayers.

Mario also wrote to ask for prayers for a brother new to keeping Torah named Ray - so pray for Ray to have wisdom, understanding, and to receive the Gift of the Set-Apart Spirit if it hasn't yet happened for him. I'm not sure if he's baptized or not yet, but pray for him please and that if he hasn't been baptized he would as well.

Mario also needs prayer to have a hedge of protection around him from the enemy because he has had some very hard to understand and explain experiences. I am not sure how to word the prayer request so just pray for him to have a sound mind and be protected from the enemy.
Dylan L. Dylan had a seizure and needs prayers for that. Also pray for Dylan's wife and children who are going through very hard times. His absence from his family makes it hard for him to keep the family together.