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Copyright Notice

As far as the 'laws of the land' are concerned, all rights are reserved for all original content we created on this website for which we have a legal right to retain copyrights.

However, for believers in יהוה who are disciples of יהושע, you all know that we follow a higher law. That higher law would teach us that all original materials from may be copied, shared, redistributed, etc. FOR FREE AND ONLY FOR FREE with or without modifications and with or without citing as the source of the data, files, information, etc. if, from our perspective, the end result is bringing esteem to the Name of יהוה and His Mashiach יהושע. Other sites that are serving both יהוה and יהושע may freely link to materials on this site from their site or blog, upload any original text, mp3s, video, etc. from to their own web servers with or without referring others to this site, as long as their site, from our perspective, is bringing esteem to יהוה and יהושע.

Our belief is that all 'credit' for anything good on this site should go to יהוה, not anyone else, and that all 'rights' should be 'reserved' for whatever יהוה has purposed in His heart. Go out and do good. Freely you have been given, freely give (Matthew 10:8). No content from this site may be sold or packaged with anything that is sold, even if only to recover costs. Don't fleece the flock. Cover the full costs of all re-distributions yourself, or refer people here instead to get it for free.

Regarding musical praise and related mp3s, melodies, lyrics, etc., we believe that any songs of praise to יהוה or יהושע are copyrighted by the Father and that people should always have a free option for obtaining copies of recordings praising יהוה. How can any of us 'own' the praises of יהוה? How can any of us in the body of Mashiach have a right to restrict what melodies others use, record, or distribute that are praising יהוה? If we write something to express our praise to יהוה, and someone with the same Spirit from יהוה connects with that expression of praise to Him, and wants to do and redistribute the same for free, who are we to stop this from occurring? Let Him be praised! If we believe יהוה has given us our gift of musical praise, then let's give credit where credit is due: יהוה!

May יהוה prosper you all who are laboring for good fruits and to further His Kingdom with no hindrances whatsoever. Amein, and HalleluYah!